Blue Badge access for people with MND

I recently launched my campaign with Doddie Weir OBE, calling on the Scottish Government to give people living MND automatic access to the Blue Badge scheme 

I want people living with MND to receive an automatic entitlement to a blue badge without having to go through a desk based assessment. 

I took the initiative to launch the campaign after constituents living with MND highlighted difficulties in obtaining a Blue Badge.

Scotland’s blue badge scheme was extended in December 2017 to include carers and relatives of people with conditions such as dementia, autism and Down’s Syndrome, but not those living with MND.

It is estimated that around 230,000 people in Scotland hold a blue badge, allowing them to park on roads without charge and normally without time limit. Around 75% of blue badge holders say they would go out less often if they didn’t have one.

Given the nature of MND, people can suddenly require extra support at short notice, and the extension of the Blue Badge scheme would be one way in which a simple change could make a huge impact.

Following a successful campaign and a parliamentary debate, the Scottish Government is now in progress with granting automatic access to those living with MND.