Calls to end SNP’s soft-touch approach to antisocial behaviour

This week in Holyrood, the SNP Government voted against Scottish Conservative plans to punish more serious antisocial behaviour with tougher on-the-spot fines.

Rachael Hamilton MSP has expressed her disappointment at the Police Scotland figures, which show that under the SNP, 16 incidents of antisocial behaviour are recorded on the streets of the Borders every day.

Scottish Borders Council have already called for tougher action on other forms of localised crime, such as against litterlouts, and is calling for an increase in fixed-penalty fines from £80 to £100.

Antisocial behaviour incidents have a negative impact on Borders communities and intimidate elderly and more vulnerable residents.

Ms Hamilton MSP and her Conservative colleagues have called on the SNP to stop their soft touch approach to justice and put the victims of antisocial behaviour first.


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, Rachael Hamilton said:

“This is a clear demonstration of Nicola Sturgeon’s soft-touch approach to crimes like vandalism and disorderly drunken behaviour.

“Everyone deserves to live in a safe community, free from the menace of vandalism, noise and disruptive drunken behaviour.

“I commend the work of the Scottish Borders Safer Communities team, Police Scotland and the work of Scottish Borders Council in ensuring we tackle anti-social behaviour.

“We want to give constables on the ground more power to deliver swift justice to offenders, with a higher fine of £100 for more serious antisocial behaviour.

“Now that we know Nicola Sturgeon opposes those plans, it is clear that only Ruth and the Scottish Conservatives will get tough on the troublemakers who plague our streets”.