‘Cautious’ welcome to ScotRail timetable improvements

Rachael Hamilton has ‘cautiously’ welcomed new plans by ScotRail to improve services on the Borders Railway.

ScotRail has announced that there will be three additional carriages on the peak time service from Tweedbank to South Gyle under new timetable plans.

The plans will see trains departing at 0726 and 0759 from Tweedbank, consisting of six carriages to ease congestion and improve customer service.

Mrs Hamilton has repeatedly called for ScotRail to make improvements to the service on the line after months of poor service and cancellations.

Despite numerous calls for action by Mrs Hamilton, services on the Borders Railway did not improve, with overcrowding and delays still causing significant problems, months after change with promised.



Rachael Hamilton, MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire said:

“I cautiously welcome the additional carriages announcement, as we have seen before that ScotRail make promises but don’t necessarily honour them.

“Additional carriages will make a difference to the overcrowding we see on the line, especially nearer Edinburgh where the journey can become unpleasant due to the lack of seats and the large number of people on the train.

“On Thursday, I will be putting pressure on the Transport Minister to ensure that ScotRail is ready for winter, following the disaster as a result of cancellations we saw last year.

“Let’s see if ScotRail can step up to the mark and ensure these promises are delivered.”