Conservative MSP calls for greater emphasis on care home staff testing

Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Rachael Hamilton has called on the SNP Government to ‘up their game’ when it comes to testing care home staff for Covid-19 across NHS Borders.


Rachael Hamilton MSP was reacting following the latest publication of figures showing the number of tests that have been performed on care home staff as of 14th June, on Scotland’s estimate 53,000 care home staff.


In NHS Borders only 161 tests were carried out between 8-14 June despite a promise made last month by SNP Health Secretary Jeane Freeman that all care home staff would be tested.


There are 1200 care home staff across various locations in the Scottish Borders, yet to date, from the start of the pandemic, only 504 have been tested.


Only 12 residents were tested in the same week, despite calls from Rachael Hamilton MSP to test all residents.


Rachael Hamilton MSP says the SNP Government need to urgently ensure all care home staff are being tested in order and achieve this ambition as soon as possible.


Rachael Hamilton MSP said:


“The SNP’s Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, is completely failing to fulfil her promise made a month ago to test all care home staff.


“This is a vital part of the strategy to contain Covid and keeping care home residents and staff.


“The reality is that thousands of staff are still waiting across Scotland while the Health Secretary blames care homes and health boards such as NHS Borders.


“This week to only have 161 tests have been carried out across NHS Borders is simply not good enough and the SNP really need to up their game on ensuring all our care home staff are tested.


“This continued failure puts care home staff and residents at unnecessary risk and delay Scotland’s economic recovery.


“By now the SNP Government should have set a deadline to test all care home staff in NHS Borders”.