Eyemouth amongst cheapest beaches in the UK

Eyemouth is ranked as second most affordable beach in the United Kingdom.  

Sun Online conducted research that revealed Eyemouth was the second least expensive in the UK. Sun Online looked at A series of factors including parking (£0), price of a pint (£3), cost of fish & chips (£6.50), ice cream (£3.30) and found a day out in Eyemouth would cost just £13, second to Portobello at (£12).

South of the Border beaches could cost a lot more; locations such as Brighton were found to cost £21.90 and Newquay £18.75.

Rachael Hamilton MSP for member for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire constituency said:

‘This reaffirms what we already know in the Borders; Borders beaches are some of the best in value and beauty.

‘Borders beach towns have a real opportunity to capitalise on the surge of stay vacations in the UK – and where better to visit for a sunny day out than in Eyemouth.’