Rachael Hamilton calls for action on declining Tweed salmon stocks

Rachael Hamilton MSP has invited Mairi Gougeon, the Minister for Rural Affairs, to meet with her to discuss the decline of salmon stocks on Scotland’s rivers.

Following a Members' Business Debate on the worrying situation facing Scotland’s rivers, Ms Hamilton called on the Scottish Government to take urgent action.

She was joined by anglers and members of angling associations in Holyrood where there was agreement across the political spectrum that more should be done to revive wild fisheries. Many noted their concerns at the increasing numbers of predatory birds eating juvenile salmon, extensive drift netting along our coastlines, as well as the impact of climate change and the lack of a sufficient river management plans.

The Borders MSP hopes to encourage the Scottish Government to re-analyse the findings of the 2014 Wild Fisheries Review in order to work with experts and anglers to forge a constructive way forward.

Ms Hamilton has also invited Alan Wells of Fisheries Management Scotland to meet to discuss the same issues.


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, Rachael Hamilton said:

“I look forward to meeting with the Minister Mairi Gougeon to discuss how we can work constructively to ensure we don’t see this decline in salmon fishing continue.

“Our rivers are our greatest asset, especially the River Tweed in the Borders. It simply cannot continue that rod catches fall year on year.

“I am hoping that with the advice and information provided to me by various rural stakeholders, I can persuade the Minister to revisit the Wild Fisheries Review.

“I want to see angling prosper so that the next generation can have opportunities to contribute to our fantastic Borders rural economy”.