Room for improvement for Borders Rail

Latest statistics from Scotrail are encouraging for Borders Rail, although there is room for improvement.

Scotrail reports that trains arriving at Tweedbank between in the period 15th October and 11th November narrowly missed the national performance target.

According to the Public Performance Measure, the percentage of booked services which arrive within 5 minutes of their booked arrival time, having called at all booked stations on the route, was at 89.2%. The Moving Annual Average Public Performance Measure was 91.4%.

Anecdotal accounts have however reported overcrowded trains on the weekends that coincide with Scotland international Rugby Union matches.

Last December Rachael Hamilton MSP raised the issue of over overcrowding on trains when major sporting events take place with the Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf MSP. The Minister assured Mrs Hamilton the Scottish Government was doing its best to increase capacity.

Rachael Hamilton MSP said: "The latest statistics are encouraging from Borders Rail, although it did narrowly miss the performance target. So there is definitely room for improvement.

"However, anecdotal accounts from constituents highlight that Borders Rail did not put extra carriages on for the Scotland vs Samoa rugby match, which resulted in overcrowding and unhappy passengers.

"I have again written to the Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf MSP, asking for assurances that capacity will be increased when such events take place."