Survey reveals deep dissatisfaction with Scotrail

Only 4% of respondents to a commuter survey said they were satisfied with the overall performance of ScotRail services on the Borders Railway.

The survey conducted by Rachael Hamilton MSP (Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire) asked a series of questions on the performance, reliability, efficiency and quality of service offered by ScotRail on the line.

A summary of the results showed:

·  78% of respondents were late for an appointment as a result of delays or cancellations

·   76% of respondents were late for work as a result of delays or cancellations

·   69% of respondents had been left stranded at another station as a result of delays or cancellations

Respondents’ comments backed up the dissatisfaction ratings. Many complained of ‘filthy’, ‘overcrowded’ and ‘unreliable’ trains, along with stories of being stranded at stations at nighttime.

One respondent stated how they had to set off 3 hours before the start of their shift at work due to unreliability.

A meeting with Sue Evans (Communications Director at Scotrail) and David Simpson (Operations Director) to discuss the ongoing issues with the Waverley Line, following further cancellations last week, despite reassurances from Alex Hynes (Managing Director of ScotRail) that improvement was on its way.

Ms Hamilton is calling on ScotRail to offer greater compensation to those passengers who are being inconvenienced on a daily basis by the delays and cancellations.

The Scottish Conservatives are calling for greater transparency and accountability, as Scotland needs a competitive structure for the railways, one that offers affordable fares and a better quality service.


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, Rachael Hamilton said:

“I constantly receive casework from constituents on daily basis about ScotRail’s failure to provide a decent service.

“Until something changes, I will keep holding ScotRail and the SNP Government to account. I will keep requesting meetings to ensure that they get the message loud and clear, that the service just is not good enough.

“Cancellations last week just show that nothing much has changed, and I am looking forward to voicing these concerns with ScotRail management at our next meeting.

“We need to see greater accountability and transparency, not nationalisation. Public ownership would shift huge risk and potentially millions of pounds onto the taxpayer, who is already paying for a poor service.

“Thanks must go to everyone who participated in the survey, your feedback is very much welcomed, and it strengthens our case for demanding urgent action to improve our Borders Railway service.