Endometriosis | A plan for the one in ten

Endometriosis is crippling the lives of thousands of people across Scotland. Estimates indicate it may impact 1 in 10 women.

In my own constituency in the Scottish Borders, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories from women who have had their lives upturned by this disease. Hearing about the pain they go through has brought tears to my eyes.

This cruel illness has meant that some have lost jobs, some have missed out on opportunities, some may not be able to have a family. It can cost them their health, their careers, their education and their relationships.

I am determined to help these women any way I can.

I have launched a new policy paper with detailed proposals on how to improve treatment options and reduce diagnosis times for women with endometriosis.

Please read my plan below 👇

I would welcome any feedback. You can get in touch with me by emailing rachael.hamilton.msp@parliament.scot or by using the contact details on my website.




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