#SaveOurSalmon campaign

Scotland boasts some of the best fishing in Europe. The value of angling to the rural Scotland is significant.

Blue Badge access for people with MND

I recently launched my campaign with Doddie Weir OBE, calling on the Scottish Government to give people living MND automatic access to the Blue Badge scheme 

Improving Digital Connectivity

I will campaign for a digitally connected in the Scottish Borders. The Borders is crying out for faster more reliable Borders. I will fight hard to see superfast broadband come to every part of the Borders.

Skills Challenge

I will campaign to skill-up young Borderers with the skills they will need for the future. I want them to have the skills the Borders needs to grow and for young people to play a significant part in the Borders future.


I will campaign for improved infrastructure in the Scottish Borders. Roads are simply not fit for purpose and the Borders lacks the infrastructure required to attract business. I will work hard to ensure our roads are improved and we have business-friendly infrastructure including dualling the A1. I want to see the Borders grow and we need the infrastructure in place to do that.