Scotland's Food Future

The SNP's track record on ignoring the needs of food producers in rural Scotland is dreadful. 

Their plans are forcing Scotland to import more food from abroad, driving food prices higher without any benefit to farmers.

Their Agriculture Bill proposals would make it harder for us to reach net zero and tackle the climate crisis.

All the while, their constitutional grievances continue to create barriers for Scotland within the UK internal market, which is even more bad news for our food producers.

Never before has the need for a fresh approach been greater. When farmers descended upon Holyrood in their hundreds as part of the NFUS’ ‘Food Needs a Farmer’ campaign, the message from the industry was clear, decision making cannot ignore the needs of Scotland’s food producers.

That is why I have developed a policy package that is centred around this message - Scotland's Food Future. 

Our plans will secure our food supply chain while supporting local farmers, read them in full below 👇


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