‘Just a Card’ campaign launched in the Borders

In the run up to Small Business Saturday, Rachael Hamilton MSP met with Sarah Cowan, the owner of Eckford-based small business, Lettica, to hear about the ‘Just a Card’ campaign.

Ms Cowan who owns Lettica, a specialist graphic design service in Eckford, is one of a nationwide team of volunteers for the Just a Card campaign, and highlighted its importance to Ms Hamilton.

The campaign aims to encourage people to buy from designers, independent galleries and shops by promoting the message that all purchases, no matter how small are so vital to the survival of small businesses.

The campaign’s inception came from artist & designer Sarah Hamilton who drew inspiration from the quote: "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open" by storekeepers who had recently closed their gallery.


Sarah Cowan of Lettica, Eckford said:

“Just a Card is a nationwide campaign which is working hard to encourage people to support the independent shops that keep our towns diverse and vibrant. The Scottish Borders has an amazing range of small businesses of all kinds, but the reality is that we will lose them if we don't support them. 

“The Just a Card message is simple: every single sale – however small – is vital to ensure the survival of our independent shops, and the ecosystem of small businesses that they in turn support. 

“Everyone can get involved with the campaign: there are window stickers available for shop owners, posters to display on market stalls, and a lively and friendly community on social media (Twitter: @justcard1, Instagram: @justcard). 

“And of course, it would be fantastic to see people supporting our independent shops and businesses. It needn't be expensive - just a card is all it takes!”


Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, Rachael Hamilton said:

“The ‘Just A Card’ campaign is a wonderful way to ensure the success of local businesses and galleries.

“I am grateful that Sarah Cowan of Lettica has highlighted this important campaign to me, and I am keen that small businesses in the Borders get on board with it.

“It is always nice to have an extra card or small gift around for the odd occasion and why not buy them at a local shop or business that represents your area?

“With small business Saturday coming up, I encourage all people to not only stop into your local shops but at least buy ‘just a card’”