MSP Supports Fairtrade Fortnight

Rachael Hamilton MSP dressed up as a Top Banana to support Fairtrade Fortnight.

The fortnight that ran from Monday 26 February until Sunday 11 March invited people to come in to the world of the people who grow our food to see what life can be like when farmers and workers aren’t paid fairly. 

The fortnight aimed to challenge the British public to open their doors to Fairtrade and help close the door on the exploitation facing the people who produce the things we love to eat, drink, and wear.

Rachael Hamilton MSP said: "I love Fairtrade bananas and why not dress up as one when asked. But more important is that by doing so is to raise awareness about the millions of farmers and workers not getting a fair deal for the products they provide.

"Now with the help of Fairtrade those exploited can fight for a fair deal – earn their way out of poverty and transform their communities.

"I will continue to do all I can to raise awareness of Fairtrade and support this fantastic cause not just in the fortnight but throughout the year."