Report highlights importance of moorland management

Rachael Hamilton MSP has welcomed a report that highlights the importance of moorland management and conservation.

The Langholm Moor Demonstration Project, which studied the moorland management for birds of prey and red grouse over 10 years highlighted that effective management restored moorland habitats and the range of species of birds.

Ms Hamilton believes that the report shows grouse management and birds of prey can co-exist in a balanced way. The report shows that when grouse numbers fall the reason for cost-effective investment in the management of this ecosystem is also compromised and this leads to a negative impact on habitats and biodiversity.

The project emphasises the need for adaptive management measures in order that game shooting remains an incentive for maintaining a moorland balance.


Rachael Hamilton, MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire said:

“The protection of the countryside is paramount to us all, and this report highlights why moorland management is important to habitats and wildlife.

“The vital work that gamekeepers carry out on our hills and moors ensures that we have a diverse range of birds flourishing in their natural habitats.

“The SNP Government need to take note of this report and not pander to their Green colleagues who seek to ban moorland management and remove all the job opportunities associated with it.

"I will continue to stand up for the countryside and our way of life in the Scottish Parliament".