SNP’s own advisers criticise slow pace of superfast broadband rollout

Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Rachael Hamilton is calling on the SNP Government to lay out a timescale to deliver their flagship R100 broadband programme.


Rachael Hamilton was reacting after the SNP Government published their economic recovery paper with those on it recommending that the SNP Government speed up their delivery of super-fast broadband across the country.


They are set to miss their target to deliver it to every household in 2021, with Mrs Hamilton saying there is an urgent need to outline a timescale for delivery, given the current economic situation.


Now, even their own advisers are calling on the SNP Government to make this a priority, with progress on mobile connectivity also lagging behind that of the UK Government.


Last week, SNP Connectivity Minister Paul Wheelhouse said in Parliament he would be committed to informing fellow MSP’s on the progress of work in response to a question from Rachael Hamilton MSP.


Rachael Hamilton MSP said:


“The SNP Government have talked up their R100 broadband programme, but it is absolutely clear now that they won’t deliver it by 2021 to many rural communities across Scotland.


“With the unprecedented economic crisis before us due to Covid-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to look at how we can boost our infrastructure and delivering greater connectivity can be at the heart of that.


“That is why it is absolutely imperative the SNP Government lay out a full timescale on how and when they will deliver vital super-fast broadband to our rural communities.


“As we look at how to recover our economy, we cannot leave communities behind simply down to poor connectivity.


“Increasing both broadband and mobile connectivity infrastructure can be vital for encouraging new businesses to start up and provide greater opportunities.


“The longer our rural communities have to wait for the SNP to deliver their broadband promises, the slower our economic recovery will be.”