YouthBorders showing the way for Scotland

The Scottish Government will promote YouthBorders approach to working with children and young people across Scotland.

Recently YouthBorders’ collaborative partnership approach to working with children and young people was recognised as Best Practice Example in the recent Joint Inspection for Children and Young People’s Services.

The partnership model of youth work delivery ensures local youth clubs are available in all of the Scottish Borders’ major settlements. The model was also identified as unique by the joint inspection team.

Rachael Hamilton, MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, wrote a letter to the Scottish Government to enquire whether this accreditation would mean the YouthBorders model would be delivered throughout Scotland.

The Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP informed Mrs Hamilton that the model would indeed be promoted throughout Scotland.

The Minister agreed with Mrs Hamilton’s views that the model was an example of good practice and thus will be promoted across Scotland’s Community Learning and Development and education sectors.

Education Scotland, on the instruction of the Minister, will also bring the model to the attention of the National Attainment Advisors to promote effective partnership.

YouthBorders is the network of third sector youth organisations in the Scottish Borders representing over 3,500 young people. Its membership includes youth clubs, youth cafes, specialist projects, after school clubs and voluntary groups. It is the voice of youth work and young people in the Borders and its over-arching aim is to support alternative environments where young people can thrive.

Rachael Hamilton MSP said: ‘YouthBorders is showing the way in Scotland with their innovative thinking and excellent work. It is a true testament to the quality of their work that the model used here in the Borders will now be promoted as best practice right across Scotland.

‘I am thrilled for the national recognition of the YouthBorders team and their work.

'I am also delighted for the young people in the Borders who benefit from the work done by YouthBorders and those who will in the future. And of course I am delighted for those young people across Scotland who will now benefit from the YouthBorders model when hopefully it is rolled out in their locality soon.

Clare de Bolle, Chief Officer of YouthBorders commented: 'We are delighted to gain such national recognition in our partnership approach and welcome the interest the Minister has shown, thanking the Minister and Mrs Hamilton for their support in sharing our best practice model across Scotland so it can benefit more communities and, most importantly, young people.

'The Scottish Borders is continually being recognised for its unique partnership approach and the huge impact this can have on communities. YouthBorders is based on a localities structure, working with our seven lead youth organisations partners along with Community Learning Development (CLD). YouthBorders will continue to develop our approach involving all sectors to create more innovative and empowering opportunities for our young people.

'Youth work has a considerable impact on the lives of children and young people from all backgrounds, supporting schools to lower the attainment gap of learners, building confidence of our young people and their skills with business and communities and creating a more supported approach to address emotional health and wellbeing. This is the value of youth work and only through strong partnerships and sustainable funding will be able to deliver its full impact across Scotland.”'